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EICR Report
Sometimes known as an EICR report or Electrical Condition Report




An EICR can be carried out on a domestic, residential or commercial property and this is produced after an assessment of the electrical installation has been carried out. In accordance with BS7671:2008, it is recommended that all electrical installations are subjected to a periodic inspection and testing report.



Have a look below to see if you require an Electrical Installation Condition Report

  • Are you are buying or selling a property?

  • Re-certification, if your current EICR has expired or is about to?

  • Are you a landlord or letting agent?

  • Do you own a residential, commercial or industrial premise?


Our engineers at EICR it will carry out the report which will include:

  • Identifying any potential electrical hazards within the installation

  • Check the earth bonding is adequate to the gas and mains water pipes

  • Testing all circuit breakers and fuses are the correct size and ratings for the loads being used

  • Carry out tests on any RCD protected circuits to ensure they trip within the right time frames if any faults were to occur in the installation.

Our approved and fully qualified engineers, we are highly trained at carrying out EICR’s throughout Dundee & surrounding areas and issue all customers with a clear and understandable report that highlights any potential faults in the installation and a clear breakdown of prices to carry out the remedial work in order to make your property as safe as can be.


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What is an EICR (Electrical Installation Condition Report)
Do I need an EICR?
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