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How much does it cost?

Several factors can determine how much a rewires costs such

The main one being is the property occupied or empty.

The fabric of the building, Is it plasterboard or solid walls.

The access available in attic space or crawl space.

The type of property, whether its a house or a flat.

The period and age of the building and whether it has any features to negotiate such as cornice, high skirting boards or finished floors

The specification of fixtures and extras you choosen such as decorative sockets, additional external sockets or downlight fittings.

How soon and quick the works need complete. 

Basic Spec Rewire Costs 

1 -2 Bed Flat Rewire 

From £2999+VAT

3-4 Bedroom Flat

From £3999+VAT

2-3 Bedroom House 

Form £3999+VAT

4-5 Bedroom House

From £4999+VAT

  • Downlights Standard from £35

  • Decorative Light Fitting from £25.

  • Feature Design Lighting from £75

  • Kitchen Under Cabinet Lighting from £195.

  • Extractor Fans from £95

  • Socket Decorative Finish Upgrades From £10

  • USB Socket Outlets from £15

  • Dimmer Switches from £20


  • Garage Complete Installation from £495

  • Outdoor Electrical IP Rated Socket from £95

  • Outdoor Soffit Lighting from £75

  • Additional External Lighting from £95

  • Provisional Car Charging Circuit from £120

  • Car Charging Points from £995.

  • Additional Smoke Alarms from £75

  • C02 Alarms £25

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