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Commercial & Retail EICR

An Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) is an evaluation of a commercial property’s electrical installation. Conducted by an qualified & approved electrician, an EICR examines the condition of electrical installations and systems and determines if they comply with national safety standards.

After the assessment, landlords and business owners receive a formal document provided by the contractor or electrician. This document states if your electrical systems are in good working condition or if some defects or deficiencies need to be corrected.



£40 per Board & £15 per circuit. We can provide accurate costs provided with previous certificates


We can carry out your PAT testing at an hourly rate or price per item, please contact us for details 

Annual Lighting Maintenance 
Remedial Repairs 

We can carry out your emergency lighting testing on a 6 or 12 monthly basis to keep your company compliant

Keep the lights on, our electricians are available to carry out programmed lighting maintenance to ensure your property remains illuminated. 

  • Trasparent fixed Priced system

  • Quick turnaround, next day digital reports straight to your inbox

  • Digital fault analysis, for better understanding of faults for your clients

  • Flexible working hours to suit your premises opening hours

Why Choose EICR IT ?

We want to work with your business to make things easier for you. We are available for range of services to keep your installation running safely, we can compile a planned and preventative inspection program to ensure compliance and smooth running of your facility. 

We are fully equipped to carry out any repairs that may arise and a fair and transparent price. 

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